At your convenience.

How can we help?

At Long Cove, we want to make owning and enjoying your vacation home as simple as possible. That’s why we have staff who are always ready to help anyway they can. You enjoy your family, we’ll handle the rest. 


Anything you need before you make your way down? Not to worry. Our concierges are available for anything and everything. Want a stocked fridge? Need a pool float? Whatever it is, we’ll do our best to have it ready and waiting for you. As long as it’s legal.

Boat Valet

At Long Cove we take away the headaches of boat ownership. So just give our Boat Valet a call and your boat will be cleaned and waiting in the water with a full tank of gas, charged battery and a cooler of ice. Cheers. 

Boat Club

What’s better than owning your own boat? Owning several. As a resident of Long Cove, you can become a member of our Boat Club and enjoy shared access to a number of different boats and jetskis. Once a member, simply check out one of your boats online and get ready for a day on the lake.

Events Throughout The Seasons

Neighbors, families, friends and friends of friends come together for our special events. 
Games, good food, music, friendly competitions, and crafts for Lil Long Covians is part of our secret sauce to creating great memories.
Events: Spring Fling. Easter. Memorial Day. Farm to Fork Suppers. Independence Day. Labor Day. Fall Festival. Christmas. Porching (Happy) Hours.